It’s Brow Tool Time!


A lot of people think that all you need for great brows are the right brow pencil and brow shadow.Well, maybe not.  What you also really need are the right brow tools. You know. Those things that make the difference between good brows and great brows. Think of it as the final step in your brow makeup application. You wouldn’t dash out the door without blending that blush, or adding  a touch of powder would you? Well, brows are the same. And that little store, can really make a difference.

So what do you need? It depends on what you’re looking for.

The Brow Spoolie Brush


A lot of people think of this as a mascara wand, and you’re right. But they’re my go to tool to getting that brow makeup looking perfect. With the spoolie brush, brush your brows straight up and then apply your brow shadow to the line of the brow underneath. You’ll get the perfect line for your brow every time. But that’s not it. Then, once the shadow is applied, take your spoolie and brush through the brows. This blends the shadow into the skin and makes the brow look real and natural, a opposed to made up.  Perfect.

Multi Task Brush


This is one of my fav brushes. Why? it’s a highlighter and a brow brush all in one. One end applies your highlight, and the other draws on your brow shadow. There’s even a little baby 3″ version of this that’s just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

Slanted Brush


Looking for just a brow brush? Our Slant is perfect. Why? It’s cut extra fine and short, for greater control with applying your brow shadow.Hint: You can also use as a eyeliner brush too.
HiLight Brush


The HiLight brush is extra fluffy and soft, and easily applies any highlight under the brow bone which also can mask those pesky fast growing brow hairs as well.

All the our brushes are made out of 100% Synthetic Faux Squirrel Hair, are cruelty free and vegan approved!