Brows & Lashes

Think of it as a grand showcase for your eyes.  And it’s the perfect pre-summer treat too. Now offering, is Elke’s Model Brow® Brow Shaping plus a Custom Brow and Lash Tint.

Brows are tweezed and shaped perfectly, plus any tweaking or fixing is done with Elke’s unique approach to brows. Then brows are lightly tinted with our vegetable based tints as soft or as dramatic as you want. Not sure? Ask for Elke’s special ‘spot tint’ where only light hairs, or grays (or as we like to call them, ‘highlights’) are tinted to bring in fullness to the brows without making them look darker. And we never go too dark on brows. They look the perfect color immediately, so no worry with having to wait a week for them to fade.

Last, comes our 30 Day Lash Tint. Ask for our popular blue/black lash tint for extra definition for your lashes. Especially great for light and blonde lashes. Don’t worry, it doesn’t look blue. Our black vegetable based black tint looks like a soft black on, while our blue/black looks like an inky black. Beautiful!

The Model Brow + Custom Brow & Lash Tint 45 minutes $95.00 Book Now