Dare I wax my eyebrows?

Would it surprise you to know that I’ve never waxed anything on my person? Yep. I’m a licensed Esthetician, and trained in waxing, but I have never waxed a lip, eyebrow, or bikini in my life on myself. Call me a wimp, but after the near misses and failed attempts that happen as you’re learning in beauty school, (yes, we practiced on each other, and from what I remember, it was pretty painful), I’ve been a wimp ever since and have never even attempted.

So imagine my surprise when I got contacted by Parissa to try their new Face & Bikini Wax Strips.  Sure, I thought, thinking I’d try it on a few of my clients and see how it goes. But when I got these, the curiosity got the better of me. Because these were WAY different.

What got me is that these are pre cut, clear cellophane strips with a perfect wax square in the middle.  You peel open the cellophane and you get 2 strips of perfectly placed wax to apply. So I took a deep breath and dived in. After a hot shower (yes, skin is easier to wax when it’s warm…), I cleanly lined up the strip above my brow, and pulled. While it did smart a bit, it felt more like tape being pulled, rather than wax.  But it waxed off perfectly. A perfect straight line was aligned on the top of my brow from arch to end. Again I used the same strip on the front half, above the brow from beginning and arch, and viola. Another perfect line. Now down side is that with normal waxing you can usually go several pulls until you need to use a new wax strip, but here, it only lasts for 2. So you go through these  pretty quick if you are using on clients. But for yourself, it’s perfect. Each container contains 16 strips, which mean 32 pulls, which comes to 4 strips needed to do a full eyebrow.

After I did the bottoms of the brow, (same technique, align up straight below the brow from beginning to arch, and then again from arch to end), I had perfectly waxed brows. 

My skin after felt ‘pulled’ and a little bit raw, but it went away after a few minutes, and a few swipes of witch hazel after calmed things down.  But I was loving my brows.

So whether you’re a eyebrow self wax pro, or a beginner, I highly recommend trying these. These clear wax strips make this pretty much fool proof. Now if only they had these in mega doses for us pros, I’d be in heaven.