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One of the services that we offer, Depilar Permanent Hair Removal was seen on NBC Los Angeles: Read on for more info!

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Showing off smooth skin is a way of life in sunny Southern California, but removing hair to get that silky look can be expensive, time consuming, and painful. Lena Press is a busy law student, and she’s one of many women now turning to a new hair removal system called Depilar.

At the “Be Well Groomed” salon in Beverly Hills, they use sugar to remove the hair from Lena’s underarms, then apply Depilar to the skin.”The first serum has two enzymes your body produces naturally,” according to Kenya Barber, an Esthetician. “We apply those to freshly sugared skin. We need an open follicle, and we apply that as soon after sugaring as we can.” Lena says she’s already noticed a huge difference after using Depilar for a few months.

A New Way to Remove Unwanted Hair
“It’s just a lot better, because you can go at least a week and not have any hair. Then the hair starts to come back slowly, so you have a lot of time to wear tank tops and be hair free,” according to Press. Depilar can be used anywhere on the body where hair has been removed. It costs about $25 for underarms and facial hair, and up to $120 for the bikini line.

And it’s even growing in popularity with men. Nathan Aldrich says his neck and back are nearly hair free after using Depilar for almost two years. “I definitely have a lot less irritation on the back of the neck from starch collar shirts,” according to Aldrich. So, instead of having to shave every couple of days for the rest of your life, you could do Depilar every couple of weeks, or once a month. After having the treatment for a couple of years, the hair will be gone, permanently.

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