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Fashion Week Eyebrows

posted by Maggie Mulhern
9/8/2009 12:14:00 PM

Elke Von Freudenberg doesn’t pluck and tell. I know this because yesterday I met with this eyebrow specialist who has shaped, waxed and tweezed some pretty high profile Hollywood types over the years. Try as I might to get her to dish up some names, she wouldn’t play. Elke is a pretty smart cookie for reasons other than not giving up her stars.

Editors get the greatest invitations during New York Fashion Week and unfortunately most of us have very limited time to indulge and miss out on some wonderful opportunities.

Elke sent out a mass invitation to the press to come BEFORE the shows begin to get their eyebrows “prepped” for the crazy, busy week of fashion. She is expecting up to 80! This is quite generous considering Elke charges $65 for first time clients and $55 for returning clients……………..
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