Get Fuller Brows In 3 Weeks


Our newest Brow Products can now be purchased online. And it’s just the thing you need to get brows growing.

Our famous Brow Scrub gets brows growing super fast (in as little as 2 weeks!).

Our newest Brow Serum gets more brow hair growth than ever before. Results? You’ll see more in as little as 3 weeks.
For best results, I recommend using the Brow Scrub first (at night) and then applying the Brow Serum through brows right after for maximum results. Scrub gets them growing faster, while the serum gets them growing, well, more! We’ve seen great results after testing on 75 clients (plus me!) and we were thrilled with the results.Our Brow Smooth, is perfect for those coarse, thick brow hairs that need taming.


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  1. Scrub $19 BUY NOW
  2. Serum $24 BUY NOW
  3. Smooth $21 BUY NOW


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