Before You Book: Eyebrow Tip #1

Elke’s Tips on what you need to know before you book.

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Some things to consider before booking an eyebrow appointment.

1. Don’t feel you need to grow in your eyebrows for 2-3 months before you come in like *most places tell you. Growth for that length of time usually ends up with overgrown eyebrows in places you really don’t need anyway. 2-3 weeks is usually enough for me to reshape or fix a brow. If you’re looking to to grow thin eyebrows thicker, then give it a month.

But note it can take months for some eyebrows to completely grow in. Why? Because you’re waiting for hairs to grow in a precise location which can take some time. But that doesn’t mean that your eyebrows should look unruly in the meantime.

Trick: Grow your eyebrows in a row at a time rather than all at once. This may take longer but it will leave you with nicer looking brows that are shaped as you’re growing them in. * Most places tell you to wait that long so that way the before/after transformation is so great, you’ll be a client for life. Or so they hope. But really, do you want to walk around with unkept eyebrows for that long? Why when you can start creating your perfect shape within weeks?

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