Elke’s Brow Growth Products Featured

Growing the Brow Care Category   Beauty Packaging Magazine


On Beauty Packing News, Elke’s Brow Growth products were featured as a new skin care product niche in the skin industry, with a nod towards the “brow care” products category…. see below!


Growing the Brow Care Category

Posted on May 22, 2014 @ 07:49 am

Could ‘brow care’ be growing – as a subcategory, within skincare?

NYC Celebrity Eyebrow Specialist Elke Von Freudenberg had already launched her own brow makeup collection – but now she’s taking the Brow category to another level with several new ‘brow care’ products, which are more than just makeup.

The collection includes: Elke Brow Scrub, Brow Serum, and Brow Smooth. 

The benefit: When used nightly, the products help to remove dead skin underneath the brows, while stimulating circulation to encourage growth at the root.

The products are packaged in clear plastic jars with black lids, are sold at select spas and salons individually, as well as in a gift set that contains all 3, plus tweezers and a brow brush.

Photo: Courtesy of Elke