Extreme Brow Trends

While we all know that strong, thick and darker brows are in, leave it to the runways to come up with a different version of a brow. Whether or not it catches on with the public is another story, but it does give you a glimpse as to what may possible be to come; brow wise that is in the next few years. And while runway always shows the extreme, softer versions of the trends trickle down to a more wearable version about 4 to 5 years after you see in on the runway. Looking for something different brow wise? Check out the most extreme brow looks from the past Fall Runway Collections.

Seen at Narciso Rodrique & The Row:

Makeup artist Dick Page used cream or a wax mixed with cream eyeliner in Black and White to draw on the brows with a slant brush, while makeup artist Aaron De Mey used powder pencils to strengthen the model’s brows.

Patches of blond fur were attached to brows at Uniqu.

Pat McGrath used Liquid Liner in black and brown at Prada to draw on the brows, creating strong arches.

Linda Cantello created an extra colored brow by drawing a duo colored brow line underneath the brow.

above photos: style.com

As seen on Allure.com, Pat McGrath’s latest brow obsession (she started the makeup trend of bleaching brows super light last season…) now has gone colored, as in pastels. Is this the next brow trend to come?

It’s safe to say that a thicker and darker (than your hair color) brow will be in for a few more years. The next trend will be a softer, lighter brow.. but don’t worry. On the consumer level it will never go as extreme as the runways, but it always gives us an idea where the trend is going.