Eyebrow Mistake #2

In doing eyebrows, I see these 5 common eyebrow no-no’s almost every day. What are they? Just read on to see what they are and my fixes for them…. if you’re not sure or comfortable in fixing your own eyebrows, I highly recommend getting an expert to shape them for you first.

2. Arch in the wrong place

Or, in most cases, the arch is too far out. This happens when the arch is created by a pencil lining up to the side of the nose, up to the outside iris of the eye. Nope. That’s not the right placement. What happens is that the eyes actually end up looking crossed eyed (especially in photos), and does not make the eyes look wide set, like they wish it does.

Fix: Tweeze a few more hairs so the arch moves in closer to the middle of the eye.