Eyebrow Mistake #3

In doing eyebrows, I see these 5 common eyebrow no-no’s almost every day. What are they? Just read on to see what they are and my fixes for them…. if you’re not sure or comfortable in fixing your own eyebrows, I highly recommend getting an expert to shape them for you first.

3. The straight eyebrow.

I love Jennifer Aniston, truly, but her eyebrows just get me. Why? They’ve become a straight line. Or at least they’re on their way there. A straight eyebrow is when the arch of the eyebrow either never existed (rare) or tweezing happened too much on top, which takes away the arch and straightens the eyebrow.

Fix: This is the hardest eyebrow to fix. Based on what’s on the eyebrow in the front and the end, sometimes more of an arch can be created, but the only way to fix is to hold off tweezing for a while and see what grows back to try to recreate more of an arch the next time around.