Eyebrow Mistake #4

In doing eyebrows, I see these 5 common eyebrow no-no’s almost every day. What are they? Just read on to see what they are and my fixes for them…. if you’re not sure or comfortable in fixing your own eyebrows, I highly recommend getting an expert to shape them for you first.

4. Using stencils to create your eyebrow shape.


Nothing gets me more than seeing a stenciled on eyebrow. You know, the super dark, thick, harshly drawn on eye shadow that looks just too fake. The good part of stencils? Everyone thinks they can draw their eyebrows on easy. The bad part? It doesn’t look like YOUR eyebrows.

You really can’t do a cookie cutter approach to shaping and drawing on eyebrows. Why? Because everyone’s bone structure and eye shape is different, and your eyebrow shape really has to do with the bone that’s underneath the brow. That determines the eyebrow hairs and shape that are uniquely yours.

Fix: Draw on eye shadow with a super thin, soft, small angle brush. Not the thick, black hard angle brush. That’s too hard and rough. The softer the brush, the softer the look. You want people to look at your eyes, not your eyebrows. Take a eye shadow color that’s 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color. Draw on in the middle of the eyebrow, and then blend out to the bottom of the eyebrow line. Take a soft baby toothbrush, or a clean mascara wand applicator, and brush the shadow through. Viola. Soft eyebrows that look real.