Eyebrow Mistake #5

In doing eyebrows, I see these 5 common eyebrow no-no’s almost every day. What are they? Just read on to see what they are and my fixes for them…. if you’re not sure or comfortable in fixing your own eyebrows, I highly recommend getting an expert to shape them for you first.

5. Cut or trimmed eyebrows.

Well, this I base on a per client basis. Some clients need their eyebrows trimmed (if not, they’d look like Grampa) while others just don’t and they do it anyway. What happens? The super cut eyebrow that looks good for one day and then as it grows in, looks horrible. What happens next? They cut them again only to repeat the vicious cycle. What’s wrong? The eyebrows are cut way too short and are often trimmed in the wrong way.

Fix: What do do? If your eyebrows are in a super cut cycle, let them grow in a few days (I know, hard, but worth it) and then recut them the right way. What’s the right way? Use small manicure scissors, NOT regular scissors. Then trim in the direction of the inner eyebrow to the outside. Make sure you trim a good 1/4-1/2″ above the eyebrow, not right on top of the eyebrow. Why? When you brush your eyebrows, you need the length to fill in the eyebrow and create the shape. If they’re too short, you end up with choppy, harsh eyebrows that only look for 1-2 days.