Tweezer Manual: The Slanted Tweezer

b96cdc5d3474e6f3815d63c2de9b1e2e.1686ac51d3d7fe575d88fd48be8416301The infamous, oh so popular slanted tweezer. But each tweezer has it’s pros and cons and best how to use tidbits. So let’s see what works for you. Is it the slanted tweezer?

The Slanted Tweezer (shown: La Vaque Slanted Tweezer) is the easiest  tweezer to use so it’s great for beginners. Easy to hold and easy to work with and no worry about poking or stabbing yourself as you tweeze away.

The slanted tips make sure that you can easily grab the hair with a wider surface to work with and there’s no pinch factor with slanted tweezers. So if you’re starting out, slanted tweezers are the best choice. And yes, good tweezers should last you as lifetime. Forget spending $5 on drugstore brands (though some do work, but you have to search for it and not all drugstore brands have great tweezers in their entire line.)

When working with the slanted tweezer, most people take the tweezer and hold the tips directly on the skin, so that the tweezer is pointing away from the face. The slant is placed even on the skin, but then the tweezer is actually in your way as you work it. An easier way is to hold the tweezer almost against the face, and work from the side of the hair. Grab the hair with the tweezer and then slide the tweezer against the skin as you pull. You’ll find that it’s virtually painless this way. Why? You’re not pulling the skin up. That is what creates the ‘ouch’ when tweezing. By keeping the skin still as you pull, you’ll have a much easier time of it. For even greater pain free tweezing, hold the skin down with your other hand as you tweeze. Place your thumb on the front of your eyebrow and your forefinger at the end of the eyebrow. Then stretch the skin tight between your two fingers. Pain free.

I find when I work on clients, slanted tweezers work the quickest and get the hair every time. Fine hairs like this tweezer because the wide slant grabs it easy and a lot of hair gets tweezed quickly because I find myself not ‘missing’ as I work. If I need to work quick, these are the tweezers I grab first. And when I do, clients always comment how fast I am. I can be fast because the tweezer lets me.

So to sum up, use your slanted tweezers when you need to:

1. work quick

2. tweeze fine hairs

3. tweeze a lot of hairs

4. tweeze for the very first time, for beginner tweezers…

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