Winter Beauty Tips & Tricks : The Bold Brow

Bold brows this season is all the rage, and it’s being shown from anywhere from super dark, to super thick, to just super crazy. Maintain your brow look by not going overboard and over dramatic with a few tips and tricks. See how you can replicate the trends with my Holiday & Brow Makeup Collection. elke

Winter Trend:

  • Thick & bold brows 

How To:

1. Thick brows may be all the rage, but don’t think thick means crazy. While unruly and unkempt brows were shown on the runway, it’s not a look for everyday. Keep the bold brow manageable by trimming and grooming super long brows. Easy way is to trim your brows 1 hair at a time. If you goof, you won’t be able to tell. Avoid the full straight across cut. One, it looks too fake and two, looks even worse when it grows out.

2. Get a thicker brow by keeping it simple. Either use a pencil or a shadow but not both. The trick: Use a color 1-2 shades darker than your hair color for a super dramatic look, or go 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color to ‘match’.

elke : day brow shadowselke : day brow shadows

day brow shadow sets: elke

3. If your brows are pretty much dark already, don’t

Waterproof Brow Pencil

 feel like you have to apply a super dark shadow or pencil. You don’t need to because you already

have the look. Instead, apply a waterproof eyebrow pencil only in the areas that need a little filling in. Think of it as a touch up. It’ll be enough to create a fuller looking brow without going overboard.

sketch waterproof brow pencil : elke

4. For a more dramatic look, apply a clear brow gel (for thin brows) or a clear brow wax (for thicker brows) on clean brows first. Then with your flat or angle brow brush, pick up a touch of your brow shadow and apply short, thin lines mimicking brow hairs along the brow. Keep the lines short and sharp and apply first to areas that need filling in only. The powder mixes with the gel or wax and creates super sharp lines that look more like hair. More dramatic but also more real looking. The stenciled boxed look to brows is over. Think more hair like. When done, blend brows up for a more dramatic look.

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brow ware : clear brow gel | brow tamer pomage : clear brow wax : elke