Brow Tip #4 Finding the right brow arch.

4. The arch of the brow should always be at the outer corner of the iris.


My #1 brow pet peeve that I see is the arch of the brow being way too far out.  The brow arch is meant to bring your eyeline down to your eye. If the arch is too far out, it can actually make the eye look closer to your nose, especially in photos.

Wrong arch alignment

This brow alignment is wrong in that the arch of the brow is way too far from the eye itself.

This is an extreme case but see? The arches are too far and makes the eye look close set, and it also will bring attention to the nose more. Not really a feature most people want to play up.

Keep the arch aligned next to the outside of the iris of the eye, and it can actually make your eyes look bigger.

The right alignment

The right arch placement makes the eyes the focal point of the face, not the nose.