Finding Your Right Brow Color

Find the right color for YOUR eyebrows.

Ever get stumped when applying brow color because for some reason it just does not look right?

There’s only 3 reasons why a brow color just does not work.

1. The color is just way too dark.

If your color looks too dark when applied, always take a spoolie or mascara wand and blend through to soften the color. If you find yourself blending, blending, blending and it still doesn’t look right, the color is probably too dark for your brows to begin with. Try looking for a light brow shadow that’s 1-2 shades lighter.

2. The color is applied wrong.

The color when applied with different tools can make a difference in how it looks on. A straight line brow brush will tend to make the color look just the way it appears in the pan. A slant brush will make the color go on lighter. Softer hairs in the brush (a brush where the hair bends when you run your fingers over it) will also make a color go on softer, as opposed to a very stiff hair bristle which will make color go on harder.

Our fav Slant Brow brush is made with Faux Squirrel hairs that are vegan and cruelty free. The best part? The softest brush you’ll ever feel.

3. The undertones are making the brow shadow look off.

Pay attention to the undertones of the brow makeup you try—not just how dark or light a color is. The most common under tones in a brow shadow are:

  • Blondes : Gray or Green
  • Browns : Orange or Red
  • Dark Browns : Gray or Black


It’s not the undertones itself that’s a problem. It’s when there’s too MUCH undertone in the color. To test, before you buy take a pad of white notepaper and color swatch the brow shadow on the paper and see if you can see colors pop up. It’s easier when you swatch 2 different blonde or brunette brow shadows next to each other. You’ll see the undertones pop up.

Our elke : day brow shadows are made without undertones for a fool proof color every time.