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How to Get Thicker  Natural Looking Brows


In the New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Runway dark and bold brows continued to be the focal point. “Models sported thick, natural looking brows with very little brow makeup. The stenciled eyebrow is officially over,” says NY Celebrity Eyebrow Specialist, Elke Von Freudenberg. Unfortunately, few people are blessed with naturally thick brows.

According to Von Freudenberg, founder of the Model Brow Service, as a result of years and years of plucking, many men and women are left with pretty thin eyebrows that will not grow. To aid her clients in their quest for brow perfection, Elke created the Fuller Brow Service, which saves the awkward growing out period and months of unruly eyebrows and lets her client’s brow transition from overplucked, over tweezed, or sparse brows to lavish, plush brows. Von Freudenberg shared her tips to get thicker brows:

  1. Step away from the Tweezers. Avoid tweezing any hairs that are 12 rows below and above the brow. Clean up any major stray hairs below that.
  2. Avoid trimming the brows. If you need to trim, only trim extra long hairs in the front of the brows. You’ll need the extra length from the arch towards the ends to create a thicker feel to the brow.
  3. Go to a brow expert. Once brows have grown in a bit, and they’re looking a bit too messy, now is the time to get to a pro. A pro will know exactly which hairs to keep and which hairs to get rid of to make brows look thicker. Find someone that tweezes, as they can pull out a hair at a time and keep a lot. Waxing and threading removes hairs by rows and can pull out way too much hair, including brand new hairs that are softer and shorter and can be kept to get a thicker, fuller looking brow.


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