Elke’s Guide to Beautiful Bridal Brows


If you’re looking to get your brows looking model perfect for the big day, read on for some of my tips.

1. Avoid looking too trendy in your wedding photos, makeup and hair wise.

2. Avoid very thin, too sharply arched, or a rounded shaped brows. This can look very dated in the wedding photos, much like a too trendy hairstyle.

3. Keep the brow shape classic, and as close to your natural growth pattern as possible to create a classic, yet elegant look on your wedding day.

4. Avoid a brow color that is very dark or heavy. Go with a brow shade that’s 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color, to create a perfect match.  For a softer look, apply brow shadow, and then lightly brush through with a toothbrush, or brow brush to soften and blend the color.

5. Avoid a very shiny or glittery brow highlight for those wedding photos. Flash photography can create a glare effect in the photos, and while it looks pretty in person, apply a brow highlight that has more of a soft shimmer, than a strong frost to compliment and bring out the brow shape.

6. Get those brows in perfect shape before the big day. If you are growing in your brows, give at least 3 months to schedule monthly appointments to get your brows growing in and shaped.

7. To tweeze or wax? That depends on the type of hair you have. Thicker hair responds better to waxing, while thinner, lighter hair likes tweezing because you can keep most of it’s shape without worrying about hairs not growing back. She recommends waxing for the bride at least a week before the wedding date, and then a light tweezing, 1-2 days before the wedding day for picture perfect brows.

As seen in Bride Magazine
As seen in Bride Magazine

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