Halloween’s Past

I’ve been looking for these photos for so long, and thanks to google search, I finally found them. Old Halloween makeup I did way back when, say back in the 80’s?

I remember this one took me 4 hours to do, but I did every thing by hand, the hair, the makeup. Don’t quite remember what this was for, so a tribute to “Cats” on Broadway it was. Not bad for just out of high school I’d say. 😉


This photo below is near and dear to my heart as it is one of the last photos I have of my dear friend Cheryl, or Cherie as we all called her. An aspiring and amazing fashion designer, we did this photo in hopes of doing a ‘calendar’ of masks one day. But sadly, I lost Cherie to cancer when I was in college. I’ll never forget her, and I think of her every time I eat ice cream. Why? It was the only thing she could eat when she was going through chemo, so me and tons of ice cream would visit as often as I could. I’m glad I got to see her the night before she passed and I’ll never forget the dream I had of her the morning she died. RIP sweetheart…


And yes, everything is applied by hand. She’s not wearing a mask. 🙂