Get Thicker Brows Quick

Everyone wants thicker fuller brows. That’s my #1 request from clients when they come in. While it may take a while for brow hairs to brow in, you can fake it in the meantime with a tint. As long as hairs are 1/4″ or longer, they will pick up color from a tint and get brows looking fuller.

A lot of clients shy away from a tint due to the old ‘way too dark, it’ll look good in 2 weeks’ way of doing tint. Not here. You want your brows looking great right away, not in two weeks. And no one wants their brows looking TOO dark.

Our Customized Brow Tint is becoming our #1 service. Why? I get brows looking perfect in 1 visit. How? Applying a customized color that perfectly matches your brow color. And only applying the brow tint where needed. No way too dark brows here.

You walk away with the perfect brow, sans makeup. Every time.

15 minutes $30.00 Book Now
Our Brow tint is customized and applied to achieve the perfect color result to get just the right brow effect. Can be applied to spot tint specific areas, (ie thin areas, gray hairs, new growth) or the whole brow. Makes brows look fuller, and helps with hiding gray hairs. Is exclusively customized to get perfect color results exactly how and where needed. We use Intensives which is vegetable based and does not contain coal tar. Lasts 4-6 weeks.