Things On My Wish List

One of my favorite things to do is not only do holiday shopping for gift giving but also, to make things more fun, I set aside a little extra money and go christmas shopping just for myself. That way, I know for sure I’m getting exactly what I from Santa…

Here’s my shopping list this year:

Danielle Laporte Candles

I’m so in love with these candles that I actually bought 1 of all of them… Beautifully made, gorgeous scents, and the packaging? I kept it to put little odds and ends, rings, keys etc… and the writing on the packaging.  So beautiful. Available in Votive and 7 oz.

Open Sky

If you are a fan of deals and flash sales, look no further. Open Sky has pretty much everything. Clothes, jewelry, fitness, cell phone accessories, house, kitchen… well you get the idea. Open Sky is a online mall of independent shops and stores and don’t be surprised if you get a $80 off credit in your email…. well worth it…


Aveda Shampure

Back on the day when I used to work for Aveda, Shampure was the thing I lived for. The most amazing scent, and no I didn’t use it for my shampoo. I used it as bubble bath. Pure heaven. Well, Aveda must have heard me because they finally decided to add more products to the Shampure amazing scents.

Let’s see, there’s candles, hand wash, it just goes on and on…..

You can find more here.

Nothing is more life altering than an amazing facial. Not only in how you feel, but 1 amazing facial can take years off. I know. My facialist can take 10 years off of my looks… I’m addicted.

What I love is she uses all natural products, and customizes each facial differently every time so it’s perfect for your skin needs at that moment. Be sure to get the Golden Facial. You’ll thank me later.

Tell her I said hi. 🙂