How should you do your brows for Fall ’15?

Want to update your look this fall? Start with your brows. It’s all about a thicker, fuller, yet more natural looking brow. Think thick and bold brows but with a twist. We’re now seeing brows taken to the extremes…

Fall '15 Brow Trends


  • Brows are still full and thick.
  • Brows are filled in with makeup with a more natural look.
  • Brow bone has a soft sheen.
  • Brows are grown in, for a thicker, fuller, more textured look.
  • Brows are grown in thicker from the arch to the ends for a thicker overall appearance.
  • Brows are brushed up.
  • Brows are either decorated, extended and feathered for a dramatic long hair effect.
  • Brows are colored, glittered, and decorated for a dramatic effect.

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  • Use a lighter version of your brow powder or pencil to create hair like strokes.
  • Keep brow powder dry when applying, with a lighter shade 1/2 shades than the natural brow color.
  • Focus on brow gels and brow waxes to keep brushed up brows in place.
  • Line in brows with a pencil to create hair like strokes.
  • Avoid trimming the brows to create a longer hair like texture to the brows.
  • Groom your brows so it looks natural, feathered and longer.
  • Stay away from a heavily made up, stenciled brow. This is now considered outdated.

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  • Brow Fixx Brow Mascara to tint and define hairs for a natural looking brow
  • Brow Pencil that matches brow hairs
  • Day Brow Shadow in a shade lighter than your own brows
  • Spoolie Brush to blend and brush up hairs
  • Brow Scrub to accelerate brow growth