How was your 4th?

And should I say, 3rd, 4th and 5th thanks to this extra nice and long 4th of July holiday!

While I didn’t the chance to get to the beach (working hard on a new project that I’ll be announcing soon…

hint: we’ll be unveiling it around August 3rd… 🙂

double hint: long time clients will know what August 3rd means around here.

But I did get a chance to enjoy my very own self made hot dogs on whole wheat buns with chedder cheese and mango salsa sauce. Yep. Tasted as good as it sounds. Hmmm, could this mean that I’m a official cook now? If you know me, you know cooking is soooo not my middle name.

And I want to make sure I don’t forget.. thank you to the lovely person who sent me these over the weekend! Could this mean I have a secret admirer? So beautiful don’t you think? A nice way to start off a return back to work Monday…

have a great week!