How To Keep Brows Neat Between Shapings

Our brows never look better than when they are freshly shaped, but if we want that perfect arch to last for as long as possible, what do we do? Here are some of my favorite tips.

1. Stay away from the arch.

Consider it the “no-tweeze zone.” Why? A lot of mistakes can happen here.  Only pluck the strays that grow between your brows and in the area far below the brow. Tip: If the hair is touching the brow in any way? Don’t touch. If it’s far away from the shape of the brow? You should be ok.

2. Don’t go crazy with your tweezers.

LaVaque Tweezers

(…..though we really do love the LaVaque Slant Tweezer… )

If your brows are already thin, this will only make them worse. Think of it as a slight maintenance, not an overhaul.

3. Step away from the magnifying mirror.

Yes, a magnifying mirror lets you see every last hair and detail, but what it doesn’t do is show you the balance of your brows. Have you ever noticed you can only see one eye (or brow) at a time? To keep things even, try to tweeze when you can see both brows at the same time. No more worrying about making one brow thinner than the other.

4. We love brow powder.

For those over plucked brows, try filling in with brow powder, which offers a softer look than a pencil.  Reason? It’s kinda hard to over do it. A pencil can leave a very drawn in look, hence the way your mom used to do it. Don’t want to fuss with it? Try making brows stand out more by getting them tinted. Saves a lot of time in the morning.

5. Apply color to your brow hairs themselves.

shown: Wonderbrow™ Brow Wax

Worried about getting the overdone brow look? Focus on getting makeup on the actual hairs, rather than the skin. It’s much easier to do and looks more natural. What to try: A brow tinted mascara (try our top selling Brow Fixx in Blondie or Brunette) to lightly tint brows to make them look fuller. Or try the newest Wonderbrow™ Colored Brow Wax. You can apply it not only on the skin but on the hairs as well. Just apply with a slanted brow brush and draw on the hairs.