For The Men: The Well Groomed Brow

You may not think it, but brows are usually the first thing girls notice when looking at a guy’s face. Why? It gives a perception of yourself that you may not be aware of. Groomed, kept brows shows neatness, an expression, and a perception that can be approachable, messy, or even scary.


Don’t wax, tweeze. Why? Brows waxed can leave a ‘straight’ line that looks really fake on a guy. The last thing you need is brows looking like they’ve been ‘done’.  And waxing can take off way too much. If you have very thick brows, cleaning up just a few hairs underneath will do enough to make the brows look cleaner without looking fake, too thin or obvious. Waxing can easily take off too much. Not a good look.


I know, you’re probably thinking, what? Why? Brow gel is great for thin brows, fine hairs and blondes. Thick, coarse, or even gray hairs? It’s not enough to do a decent job. Thicker hairs need more control, so go for a brow wax. Clear, and easy to apply. Just pick up a touch on your fingertip, apply through the brow and then brush through with a spoolie brush or even a toothbrush in the direction you want to brows to go. Done. And you’ll get all day staying power.

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Seriously. A uni-brow can give a menacing, mean look. Not quite the look you were wanting right? Clean out the middle with tweezing, but only go as far as the bridge of the nose. That’s it. Where the bone of the nose lines up vertically, that’s where the hairs should start.

To make it easier, use a good slanted tweezer, and pull in the same direction that hair grows, but keep the tweezer on the skin the whole time as you pull. Usually the slower you go, the easier it is. This keeps the ouch ‘pinch’ factor away and makes it easier.

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