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Brow Ware – this product provides hold to thinner eyebrows without the crunchy, flaking off residue. Use after eye brow grooming and filling in with brow pencil or shadow. Great for both women and men! Good bang for your buck! $16 Retail

Hi-Light Shadow – Hi-Lites make your eyebrows look sharper, more defined and brings attention to your eyebrows. Plus, these Hi-Lites work great to mask growing in brows (or stragglers) until that next grooming appointment and can bring an instant lift effect to the eye area! $20 Retail

Big Time Nite Brow Shadow – I like the way Elke thinks! She says, “who says eyebrows can’t look amazing at night?” And she is a smart cookie for inventing gorgeous shadows that play up your brows and add just the right amout of shimmer/sparkle without being over the top. Can be used wet for a very dramatic look! $20 Retail

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