New products on the way.

The past month has been a blur of business, new products, and moving! Yep, the brow line has officially moved from Los Angeles to New York, including a move of our shipping and warehouse distribution from  So. Calif to Chicago for closer access.  Though it took a week to move all the inventory, it took a few weeks to organize to get it ready to go.  But our behind the scenes  crew made it super easy and painless.

Now that we’re officially situated in Chicago, back orders can now be shipped out, so if you were waiting on items that were either out of stock or needed a exchange, they are now on the way to you! Plus a little something extra as a apology and a thank you for your patience for waiting while we made this move.

Also, amongst all this, it was putting the final touches on new products that are soon to be coming your way!  Here’s a sneek peek!

Let’s say you can expect:


Brow Slant Brush


1. A brand new hi-light called Glowstick that is fast becoming my universal favorite.
2. A  new highlighter brush
3. A new spooliebrush to tame and brush brows.
4. A new lash brow groomer with brush and comb.

Coming soon:
5. A new brow color
6. A new brow product that I’m so excited about, but can’t talk about it yet! But you’ll be the first to know!