Our Brow Shaping + Permanent Hair Removal Service

We’re happy to announce the newest additions to our salon menu. Especially put together for those who are looking for an easier way to maintain their brows, this just may be the answer to your problem.

While thick brows are all the rage this season (and next), it’s also can be the case where thick brows are not necessarily a welcome feature. For those (both men and women) who wish to have a more maintained brow shape, our newest service helps keep that problem under control.

Announcing our newest

  • Depilar + Brow Shaping Service 
  • Depilar + Face Tweezing Service

Depilar + Brow Shaping Service 

For those who wish to control out of control brows, our Depilar Permanent Hair Removal service plus brow shaping is the thing. Using Depilar that over a series of sessions, slows down and stops hair growth, this is customized by your brow shape and easily gets rid of excess hair between the brows (hence the dreaded uni-brow: hint: great for men!) and above the brows, while still maintaining a perfect brow shape. Brows are tweezed to create a very natural shape and appearance while the Depilar is applied only to the hairs that are absolutely not needed.

Calling all Blondes: This is also perfect for getting rid of the ‘peach fuzz’ hairs that grow on the brow bone and below. Safe to use and since we recommend not waxing right below the brow bone, tweezing and depilar gives a very easy solution to getting rid of these baby hairs permanently.

How many sessions it takes depends on the hair thickness and making sure that all hair growth cycles are addressed to keep brow hairs at bay.

  • _Model Brow Shaping + Depilar 30 minutes $98.00 Book Now
    Get a professional eyebrow shaping with Elke plus a Depilar permanent hair removal treatment specifically for the brow area. We apply Depilar to stray hairs above and between the brows (below if requested) to thin, lighten and slow down hair growth. Does not affect the brow shape. Brow makeup not included. For both men & women. NOTE: Please avoid water on the treated area for 1 hour after service.



Depilar + Face Tweezing Service

For those that wish to use Depilar on the face but are worried about doing waxing because of anti-aging products and retin-a and other skin refining ingredients that make waxing a no-no, now we offer Depilar plus tweezing for the face. Works perfectly for above the lip, chin, and cheeks to create a very natural look for the face and get rid of unwanted hair in the process.

For the face: per feature (i.e. upper lip / chin / cheeks / forehead / eyebrows)

  • _1 Facial Feature : Depilar + Tweezing 15 minutes $40.00 Book Now
    For the Cheek, Chin, Forehead OR Lip. Please specify area in comments. Hair growth must be long enough to tweeze. Area must be kept clear of water for 1 hour after treatment.
  • _2 Facial Features : Depilar + Tweezing30 minutes 80.00 Book Now For any 2 features. For the Cheek, Chin, Forehead and Lip. Please specify areas in comments. Hair growth must be long enough to tweeze. Area must be kept clear of water for 1 hour after treatment.