Elke Von Freudenberg

Elke Von Freudenberg Salon

In 2004, I founded my own salon and later launched my own brow product line. Today, I serve over 2,500 clients in my salon in New York City. My signature brow service, The Model Brow® service, was developed and honed through years of brow shaping experience which then created The Model Brow® Certification. I specialize in fixing and reshaping brows by customizing and enhancing the shape of the client’s brows without the use of stencils.

I also am the USA Distributor and NYC Trainer for Hello Henna, a revolutionary new brow service that I’ve been waiting for a long time!


Phone: (917) 475-6845

Email: elke@elkevonfreudenberg.com

Website: http://www.elkevonfreudenberg.com/