See Elke’s Interview on Beautiful With Brains

Interview With Brow Expert Elke Von Freudenberg


I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Gio of Beautiful With Brains.. I loved her questions! See below for more of the Q & A!

“The eyes are the window to the soul. But even the loveliest window needs a good, pretty frame. Beautifully shaped eyebrows can enhance your eyes, balancing your features and flattering your facial shape. On the other end, badly shaped brows can completely ruin your look.

No one knows this better than Elke Von Freudenberg. With over twenty-five years in the beauty industry, she has firmly established her reputation as the Queen of Brows. The German born, LA raised specialist has shaped the brows of countless of celebrities and created her own line to help every woman achieve the perfect brow.

In this interview, Elke talks about her fascinating with makeup and what inspired her to create her own line. She also shares lots of tips on how to take care of and groom your eyebrows:

1. When did your fascination with makeup, and eyebrows in particular, begin?
​My love of faces started pretty young. My mom told me she found me with her Vogue and Bazaar magazines around me, trying to copy their makeup with watercolor on their face, and being very upset that it didn’t look anything like it. ​

​But I’ve always been fascinated with faces. Going to a museum or a foreign country, I was looking at the people, rather than the scenery. Eyebrows became fascinating when I started doing photography makeup and realized how uneven eyebrows and shapes could ruin a photo. Photographers would ask me to fix uneven eyebrows on models all the time since I was licensed in high school. So analyzing brows​ became a study for me……” see more here…