A Model Brow Tip

The secret to model eyebrows, is to never completely wax your eyebrow. Models know that eyebrow looks come and go, and if you wax only, you lose the ability to grow in your eyebrows at a later date should you want to change your look. Hint: the super full thick eyebrow trend happening now.

The best technique is to just wax the stray hairs that are not needed and tweeze to define the shape of the eyebrow only.

A Model Brow Tip 1

Where to wax then? Only wax

  • between the brows
  • above the brow (avoid getting too close to the actual top arch of the eyebrow here, I’ve seen many eyebrows go ‘straight’ by waxing too much above).
  • wax more along the forehead. This also creates a ‘cleaner’ eyebrow as well.

Then tweeze the hairs along the brow to clean up and neaten.. though if you’re wanting a more natural feel, keep 1 to 2 rows of hairs going below the entire brow.

Don’t be afraid to tell your eyebrow specialist not to wax. Shaping eyebrows should in be the look you feel comfortable with, so if they only offer waxing, you may want to look elsewhere. You should be able to tell your specialist exactly how you want your eyebrows shaped and how.

More Tips:

  • Want tweezing only? Let them know.
  • Have a favorite eyebrow look? Bring in a photo or show a shot from from your cell phone. 
A Model Brow Tip 2