Brow Myths and Brow Realities

Getting your brows to brow perfection can take time, resilience and patience. Want to get there faster? Check out my top Brow Myths and Brow Realities.


Myth 1:

Everyone is noticing how messy and crazy my brows look during this growing stage.

Brow Myths & Brow Realities


Reality: While the brows are growing, you’re looking at them every day, and let me guess. You’re looking at them through that magnifying mirror of yours right? Reality? No one else sees them that way but you. And you don’t even see them that way when you step away from the mirror. So don’t worry. No one else is noticing the mess. (Tip: Guys? They never notice. We tend to see things in detail.. every little texture, color and nuance. Guys? They see the whole picture… so nope. Don’t worry. They’re not seeing it.)


Myth 2:

I can get my brows back in a month. They all grow in at once.

elke® Day Brow Shadow


Reality: Um, not really. Why? When you wax or thread, you’re pulling hairs out row by row, meaning you’re pulling out several cycles of hair at once. Yes. There’s more than one. And each cycle has it’s own time table. And yes, it will take longer than a month. Sometimes even a year. The thicker and darker the your brow hairs, the faster they’ll grow. Blondes? Sorry. Not quite as quickly. But good news. In the summer when it’s warmer, hair grows much faster.. including the hair on your head. A nice perk.

Myth 3:

Brow perfection is here. My brows will look perfect immediately.

Brow Myths and Brow Realities 1


Reality: Well not yet. What you probably have is messy crazy brows are here. Next step? Get yourself to a professional. While brows have grown in (or maybe all but not quite all) now is the time to let a professional step in. Why? Now is the time to keep all the good hairs and get rid of the ones not needed. Do you know which ones they are? Probably not. A pro can see your growth cycles and determine which hairs to keep, see where the next growth is coming in and get those brows in killer shape.

Myth 4:

Now all I need to do is get that brow makeup on and viola. I’m back.

Brow Myths and Brow Realities 3


Reality: It really depends what you need. What are you seeing? Holes? Spaces? Gaps? Get that brow pencil in there and shade in lighter sparse areas with a lighter than your brow color shade.

Brow Myths and Brow Realities 5

elke® Brow Blender Shadow Pencil *shown above

Brows looking good but uneven? Grab that colored brow mascara and brush through to get all hairs to show up. Instant brow thickener. Don’t want to fuss? Try brow tinting. Tint can be done super natural or as dark as you want to get your brows as amazing looking as you want.

Brow Myths and Brow Realities 7

elke® Brow Fixx Brow Mascara *shown above

Perfect eyebrows take work. But with patience and a good brow professional and great products? It definitely can be achieved. elke