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Expert Brow Tips for the Perfect Brow – Highlighter and More

Want to get some cool tricks on how to get the perfect brow? Aly from wanted to know too.  Find out as she asks me to share some of my brow tips......"I spoke to her this weekend and asked if she could share some tips with us on achieving the perfect brow, and she had some great ones!........"1. When tweezing brows, hold the tip or slant of the tweezer against the skin the whole time as you tweeze going in the direction of hair growth. By keeping the tweezer against the skin, you keep away the ouch factor.2. Avoid...Read More
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Mastering Model Eyebrows: Waxing, Tweezing, and Where to Find the Secret

Models know that eyebrow looks come and go.  And when your livelihood depends on being able to represent the latest trend, you can't take the extreme and go too far. 1. DON'T WAX TOO MUCH:The secret to model eyebrows, is to never completely wax your eyebrow. If you wax only, you lose the ability to grow in your eyebrows at a later date should you want to change your look. Hint: the super full thick eyebrow trend happening now.The best technique is to just wax the stray hairs that are not needed and tweeze to define the shape of the eyebrow...Read More

5 Steps to Perfect Thick Brows – Master the Art of Brow Enhancement

Perfectly shaped thick brows have been the rage for years now. But what if you want more? More brows, more shape, just more everything?Here are 5 steps to perfect thick brows.Making your brows look thicker and fuller should be easy. Something that's quick, throw on 1 step move in the morning that doesn't take a lot of time. Here's the perfect step-by-step guide for you, using my favorite elke® brow products. Follow these steps for getting thicker brows.1. BRUSHRun a spoolie through your brows and brush them in the direction the hairs are growing. Brows really don't grow up except...Read More
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Mastering the Art of Brow Care: How to Save Your Brows

So when you're trying to get your brows to look better in the meantime, here's how to save your brows with these little fixes to make them look a lot better in the process. In the process of making your eyebrows look better while growing in, it's the little things that make a difference. Remember, it's what you keep that matters, not what you take off. HOW DO YOU CLEAN UP YOUR BROWS WHEN YOU'RE TRYING TO GROW THEM IN?To make your overly tweezed eyebrows look better, try by just trimming them. Put the tweezers down and see which hairs are...Read More
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Top Eyebrow Goof Ups – Avoid These Common Brow Mistakes!

Eyebrows not looking right? It could just be a goof up. Here are some of my tricks to get your eyebrows looking back on track. GOOF UP:OVERLY DRAWN BROWS DO INSTEAD: NATURALLY COLORED BROWSThe trick is to use a brow pencil that is super skinny. The thinner the pencil the better to get a super sharp skinny line. Remember. It needs to look like hair.Lightly draw the pencil on in the same direction that the hair grows, mimicking a hair like stroke. Then take a spoolie brush and then, in the same direction as the hair growth, blend the pencil,...Read More
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5 Ways to Maintain Your Brows | Expert Tips for Perfect Eyebrow Care

Need to stretch out brow appointments? Here are my top 5 ways to maintain your brows between appointments.1. Step away from the tweezersIt's not pulling out that random crazy hair that does it. It's that one hair you're not sure about, but you pull it anyway. And then whoops. You have a hole. A gap. A space. And then tweezing continues to try to save the hole, but then it gets bigger. If that's a common thing, then maybe, it's time to put away the tweezers. Or just do the crazy ones.2. Make that messy brow work for youOk, they've grown...Read More
Debunking Brow Myths: Unveiling Brow Realities for Perfect Brow Perfection 2

Debunking Brow Myths: Unveiling Brow Realities for Perfect Brow Perfection

Getting your brows to brow perfection can take time, resilience and patience. Want to get there faster? Check out my top Brow Myths and Brow Realities.  Myth 1: Everyone is noticing how messy and crazy my brows look during this growing stage. Reality: While the brows are growing, you're looking at them every day, and let me guess. You're looking at them through that magnifying mirror of yours right? Reality? No one else sees them that way but you. And you don't even see them that way when you step away from the mirror. So don't worry. No one else is noticing...Read More
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Quick Brow Fix in 5 Minutes | Save Time and Look Great

YOUR BROWS IN 5 MINUTES Oh no. You overslept. You've got only minutes to do your brows. The fastest thing to do? Sweep on our colored Brow Fixx Tint & Groom. Brush through, brush up and let dry. All set. Color, set and go. Need a more natural look? Sweep on a Brow Fixx in Clear Brow Gel instead. Got a second to spare? Apply a touch of Brow Highlighter Pencil (a super soft sheen that's for above the brows, but you can use on the brow bone for a super soft highlight as well...)   YOUR BROWS IN 10...Read More

Achieving Your Brow Resolution: Tips for Thicker, Fuller Brows

So how's YOUR brow resolution going? Is it getting thicker, fuller brows? A better shape? Thicker brows are still the trend, but if you look closely, it's with a new twist.  OUT Gone are the Instagram brows that are drawn on sharp, outlined in concealer and takes about 10 different brow products to get. Too much work if you tell me. And also, a brow that is so drawn on? It usually only looks good in photos. But not so much in real life. What's the next brow trend? You'll see a brow with much longer hairs, with brows no longer...Read More
Elke's Top Bridal Brow Tips - Achieve Bridal Gorgeousness for Wedding Photos 3

Elke’s Top Bridal Brow Tips – Achieve Bridal Gorgeousness for Wedding Photos

Elke offers her top bridal brow tips to get bridal gorgeous for the wedding photos:WEDDING PHOTO MAKEUP TIPS1. Avoid looking too trendy in your wedding photos.2. Avoid very thin, too sharply arched, or a rounded shaped brows. This can look very dated in the wedding photos, much like a too trendy hairstyle.3. Keep the brow shape classic, and as close to your natural growth pattern as possible to create a classic, yet elegant look on your wedding day. Avoid going too extreme in brow trends on the big day. Think classic, elegant. 4. For brunettes, avoid going to dark on your...Read More