Brows should be sisters not twins.

Have you heard that quote? "Brows should be sisters not twins."

I hear it quite a bit, from clients that say their brows are completely different but they're supposed to be that way. Well, I hate to say it, but to me that just doesn't make sense.

brows should be sisters not twins

Why? Why would you want two different shaped eyebrows? 

When something on your face is not aligned right, your eye actually goes to the part that seems ‘off’.  For example, lips that are thinner on the top lip and thick on the bottom lip (or vice versa), your eye automatically goes to one, and not the other.  So if your eyebrows are two different shapes, or one’s higher than the other, or whatever the case may be, should they stay that way? I say no because ideally, you want them to be as aligned and as the same shape as possible to create the most perfect frame for both eyes.

Also what aligned eyebrows do is make the rest of the bone structure seem aligned. So if you have one eye higher than the other, or uneven jawline, it can make the bone structure seem even. It’s an optical illusion.

Can this be fixed? Absolutely. I do it all the time. And the fix is usually so subtle, it only takes 2/3 hairs to make the correction.

Most faces are slightly ‘un’ aligned to begin with. Just divide your face in half vertically right down the middle and the right side will be slightly different than the left. That’s actually very normal. But some faces are ever more so. So much so that you actually see in the eyebrows, as one being higher than the other.  The most common eyebrow difference I see is when one eyebrow is higher than the other.

How to fix?

By taking off about 1/2 hairs at the very top of the arch to bring the high eyebrow down. If you need more, than take 1/2 hairs off below the arch of the low eyebrow. Do 1 hair at a time and look. Even if the eyebrows are not exactly the same, this little trick can actually make it look like it is.

I highly recommend to have  a specialist do it for you. Taking too much off in the wrong place can completely alter your brows, (and not in a good way!).. but just that little bit can do enough to get eyebrows looking back on track again, and no one will notice that one of your brows was slightly higher than the other.

See? And you thought perfect eyebrows was just in getting the arch right.