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Growing Brows In? Make Them Look Fuller & Thicker

Growing Brows In? Make Them Look Fuller and Thicker Growing your brows in? Make them look fuller & thicker, plus a new way in how to make them look natural, during the process. One thing I noticed with clients that are trying to grow their brows in, is that they go heavy on the brow pencil, trying to fill in sparse areas, but only end up making their brows look heavy, fake and too drawn on. Is that you? Don't worry. I've got a secret for you. Put down the pencil. And try a brow mascara. Colored brow mascara makes light...Read More
5 Steps To Perfect Thick Brows 1

5 Steps To Perfect Thick Brows

Perfectly shaped thick brows have been the rage for years now. But what if you want more? More brows, more shape, just more everything?Here are 5 steps to perfect thick brows.Making your brows look thicker and fuller should be easy. Something that's quick, throw on 1 step move in the morning that doesn't take a lot of time. Here's the perfect step-by-step guide for you, using my favorite elke® brow products. Follow these steps for getting thicker brows.1. BRUSHRun a spoolie through your brows and brush them in the direction the hairs are growing. Brows really don't grow up except...Read More
Step by Step Brow Guide: How To Get Great Natural Looking Brows 2

Step by Step Brow Guide: How To Get Great Natural Looking Brows

The latest and most requested new brow trend is "Great Natural Looking Brows." Or to put it simply, a slightly messy brow that looks fuller, thicker, but not a complete mess.How to get them: Your step by step guide. Clients are always surprised how much younger they look with this brow, and the best part? As hairs grow back, it actually looks better and better over time, letting you go longer between appointments as well.Another great bonus to the "messy" brow is that you can get away with little to no brow makeup.. perfect for hot sweltering days in the...Read More

BROW GUIDE: How to Fix Gaps and Holes

Tired of waiting for you brows to grow in? Are #browgoals on your to do list? Does micro-blading scare the hell out of you (yep, me too... and I see all the bad ones...) See my Brow Guide on how to fix gaps and holes to get to your #browgoals the quick and easy way. Getting to your brow goal has never been easier. Why? Brow products galore. There's so much to choose from in brow products now, that there's literally no excuse to showing off your best brows. Even if growth has decided to slow down, or even stop.....Read More

Product Tutorial: Brow Glow

One of my fav brow products is my Brow Glow. In a soft cream tone, it creates the perfect amount of sheen, for multiple usage. Beautiful, elegant, and provides a lot of looks in this one little product. Here's my Product Tutorial for Brow Glow on how to apply! How To Apply:Apply on the brow bone to conceal any unwanted skin tones and make the brows appear more polished with a soft sheen.Apply the Brow Glow as a light highlight above the eyebrows to create a more uplifted brow. It's the perfect Brow Lift. Apply along the whole brow line from the...Read More
How To Get Thicker Looking Brows 3

How To Get Thicker Looking Brows

Here's my Step by Step Guide, on how to get thicker looking brows, by creating the illusion of as you grow yours in. With the thicker brow fast becoming THE brow staple, I get asked all the time how to make brows look thicker. Here are my editorial makeup tricks to creating the illusion of thicker, fuller brows in the meantime, while you're growing them in. Step by step... these steps are done in order, so just do one at a time. Goal: make brows appear thicker.. think of it as an optical illusion. Not quite there yet? Go to...Read More
A New Way To Do Brows 4

A New Way To Do Brows

Looking for a new way to do brows? Try this simple tip to create an easy and fast new look. Eyebrows are not really the same solid color going through the entire brow. Brows are naturally darker from the beginning of the brow to the arch, and then lighter from the arch towards the ends. Usually the appearance of a darker brow in the front is only because the hairs are thicker and there are more of them so it looks darker. SWITCH YOUR COLOR PLACEMENT For an instant thicker brow look, try switching around your brow color placement. For...Read More