If you're looking to get your brows holiday trendy, check out these latest brow looks and how to get them.The Natural Brow NOW is all about the natural brow, the simpler the better. The natural brow is a no makeup feel and a natural, slightly overgrown brow. How to do? To avoid the heavy makeup look of brow power and pencil, you can use a colored brow mascara that creates a fuller, thicker looking brow, without it looking made up. The key is to go 1 color lighter than your natural brow color so it will pick up lighter hairs and...Read More
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Top Beauty Trends for Spring 2021

So what are the top beauty trends for Spring 2021?  With 2021 in full force, there seems to be a change in the air. A newer, fresher look is on it's way for spring/summer 2021. With the country still wearing the covid-19 masks, the focus definitely changed from a full face of makeup, to everything that is above the nose. Hence, the eyes and the brows became the stars of beauty. So in 2012, what can we look forward to? 1. GLOWING Skin With do it yourself skin care making way, a glowy dewy skin is a top look, with...Read More
The Latest Full Brow Look & Our Newest Brow Sets 2

The Latest Full Brow Look & Our Newest Brow Sets

THE FULL BROW LOOKYep. It's official. The latest trend is the Full Brow Look are here to stay and are the latest brow look. Not only do our newest Brow Sets help create a very non-makeup looking brow, now the trend is to make your brows look as full and natural looking as possible. How to create? Read on on how to create the our special Brow Sets that can help you create the look.....For years that overdone super dark, drawn on with a sharpie look as been the go to for brows. Not anymore. The "instagram brow" is officially...Read More
NYFW Spring/Summer '18 Brow Trends 4

NYFW Spring/Summer ’18 Brow Trends

Get ready. Here are my top as seen at NYFW Spring/Summer '18 brow trends. Next Spring & Summer will bring you brow looks that are showing that what got started last year, is now firmly a brow staple.    THE MESSY BROWALEXANDER WANG   Yep. The messy brow is still in. Grown in, along the bottom of the brows all along the brow line. HOW TO GET:Start growing them now. And stay away from over plucking for a while. TIP: Can't get them to grow in? Try extending with a super fine pencil stroke to mimic longer hairs. The finer the line...Read More

Top Brow Trends To Try For Fall 2017

Getting for fall yet? Whenever a new season comes around, we think of hair and fashion. But brows? Yep. Brows are a major beauty trend still going strong, and this fall, get ready for something new. Are you ready? THE POWER BROW Yep. Still going strong. What's changing? It's strong yet soft. Pencils are out, using brow powders with a light touch is in. Take Pat McGrath's brow for Loewe. Bold yet soft with brow powder touches to create a shadow effect. And of course in Pat's artistic way, she used 3 different brow powders to create a soft gradation...Read More
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The Summer Brow

Summer is right around the corner. Time to break out the bronzers, pastel eye shadows and bright blushes. THE SUMMER BROW? Check out some of my tips below on how to get perfect, flawless summer brows. THE TEXTURED BOLD BROW THE LOOK The days of sharply drawn-on, overly darkened brows are finally over. The natural thick brow is IN! The messier or longer the hairs, the better! The trick is to get the hairs you have to stand out more. The easiest way is with a brow mascara. Do a light coat through the brow , let dry and then brush off...Read More
Top Brow Trends From NYFW 2017 5

Top Brow Trends From NYFW 2017

Curious what the top brow trends might be for the upcoming Fall/Winter months ahead? NYFW is showing that a made up brow is finally over and done with. So what should be your #browgoals ? . .The Messy Brow Yep. The messy brow is still in. Grown in, especially along the bottom of the brows in the arch. How to get? Put away the tweezers, wax and thread for a few months and by fall, you should have the look. Don't feel like it has to be overboard. An extra row or two will give you that look but with...Read More
The New Spring Eyebrow 6

The New Spring Eyebrow

Yep. It's here. The new spring eyebrow. It's spring, the weather is getting warmer and it's time for a new eyebrow. Think of it as spring cleaning so to speak. A new look, an easier approach to brows. Just in case you forgot. Here's the old.Too heavy. Too dark. Too done. Just too drawn on. It's official. This is now outdated.What's new? It's feathered. It's lighter. It's natural. It's thicker.It's not drawn on. It's not made up looking. The brows look more natural, grown in more for a slightly messier look. You see hairs growing in below the brows. How...Read More
Fashion Week Top Eyebrow Trends

Fashion Week Top Brow Trends

In case you're planning ahead, check out the fashion week's top brow trends that you will see coming this fall. The most visible trends I noticed are:A fuller, thicker brow, continuing from this spring/summer's trends.Brows are longer in length and being brushed up.Brows are bold yet look very natural.Unmade up brows with no brow makeup at all was seen on the vast majority of runways.If brows were filled in, they were done very minimally with the slightest amount of brow shadow or pencil to look extremely natural.Messy, un-kept brows were shown.What you need to know?Put away the tweezers and and the brow...Read More