Cool Beauty & Brow Tricks

Going behind the scenes at fashion week, you can learn a lot. Here are some cool makeup and beauty lessons at Peter Somrag & bone, and Suno from the Spring/Summer FW 2014 Runway Collections that you can incorporate into your makeup routine while summer is still here.
1 Mascara is great for brows, too so says Nars make-up artist Tom Pecheux. He created a strong brow for Peter Som. His secret? Apply mascara to the brow with a fan brush (*gotta try this!) instead of using an eye pencil. “With a pencil, you’re coloring the skin underneath, but mascara catches and enhances every hair.” Make sure to let the mascara dry a little bit before applying, though — clumpy brows are a definite don’t.
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Elke’s Tip: This will make brows look darker and thicker, but in can also make brows look heavy and fake, so be careful on not going too overboard with the application as mascara is thicker and can be a touch trickier to put on than your brow tint mascara. Try wetting your fan brush or mascara wand after you’ve put the mascara on it and then apply. A watered down version is easier to apply than a thick heavy mascara. 

2. Did you know you’re wearing blush all wrong. At Suno make-up artist Alice Lane kept things simple by using a lip balm on the eyelids and eye brows (!) and applying Maybelline’s creme blush in Candy Coral directly on the apple of the cheeks. “Anywhere else looks dated,” she said. Apply the blush where you’d pinch your cheeks and pat with your fingers for the perfect flush. Hmmm, do I see cream blush coming back?
 3. Orange is the new everything. So far, there’s been grandma-inspired orange lipstick at Creatures of the Windneon orange bitch lips at rag & bone, and now a vibrant orange manicure by Maybelline at Suno. When it comes to beauty, orange is the color for spring 2014.