Create a Thicker Brow With 2 Products

1  Choose a shade of our WonderBrow based on your brow color. Want bold? Go 1 shade darker than your brow color.   Colors can also be mixed together or with brow shadow to create a custom color
  • Apply the product as an eyeliner, eye shadow and to fill in brows. Apply the darkest shade as an eyeliner.
  • Apply onto eyelids, to use as an eye shadow base, or eye shadow.  Use the lighter colors as a shadow base, the darker, warmer colors as shadow.

2  Using our Duo Slant/Spoolie Wonderbrow Brush, apply to brows with the slant brush side with small, quick strokes through the brow only where needed. The super soft spoolie is perfect for blending brow makeup without irritation or destroying your perfect brow makeup job. The super thin angle brush is perfect for applying hair like strokes to help you achieve your cleanest look.

3  Blend the edges of brows using the Spoolie side of our Duo Brush to blend and soften lines.        

4  Add dimension and depth with a lighter shade of our Brow Fixx Tint & Groom Mascara brushed through brows. For brunettes, try the Blondie shadow over brunette brows. So pretty! Adds a touch of gold to the brows for extra dimension. For more depth and drama, try the Brunette or Dark Brunette shade.

5 For extra flair, apply a thin line of the Wonderbrow along the tops of the brows for an editorial look. Make it duo-able by blending lightly and softening the line for a more contoured brow look.  

Create a Thicker Brow With 2 Products 1