Elke’s Brow Scrub in Beauty Etc.

See what Beauty Etc. had to say about Elke’s innovative Brow Scrub:

Sometimes, beauty innovation makes me scratch my head, but I know when I see something that can be a game-changer. A little while ago, I was introduced to two nontraditional exfoliators: Elke Brow Scrub and Redken Nature’s Rescue Refining Sea Polish.
See, as beauty junkies, we’re quite used to scrubbing our skin—the idea being, slough away the dead cells and the new, younger, healthy cells will get their moment to shine on skin’s surface. Several exfoliators for body and face exist for this purpose, and even a scant few are made especially for the scalp (which, you should know, needs a good scrubbing from time to time to keep your follicle sites free of product debris and, yep, dead skin cells).

But, Elke Brow Scrub is specifically for brows. As creator and brow sculptor Elke Von Freudenberg demonstrated at her The Model Brow salon in NYC, the scrub is only to be used on the brow (“It’s too strong to use all over the face”) and, like with the scalp-specific exfoliators, rids the brow follicle site of dead skin cells so eyebrows can grow longer, or even grow back at dead sites. One of her clients, who had over-plucked (as this editor has) to the point of no return, found brows growing…even to excess.


She proudly showed me the brow they had not trimmed to illustrate how well the scrub worked. These were some Rapunzel-like brow hairs. But the fact that they had even grown back amazed the client. “I’d tried everything. Nothing worked,” she admitted. If you think about it, we do tend to neglect our brows. We wash our face, but even soap debris gets stuck in our brows. Elke stresses that the formula dissolves into skin, leaving no granules behind, and therefore nothing for eyebrow hairs to cling to. Smart thinking.


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