Elke Shares Quick Brow Tricks with New York Post

New York Post

Did you see? Check out my quick brow tips from the New York Post.


So you over-plucked your brows, and they never quite grew back — join the club. There’s good news if you’ve been over-plucking for a decade or less, as you’ll have “a pretty good chance [of bringing] the brows back,” says NoMad-based brow specialist Elke Von Freudenberg. “If it’s been longer, it’s harder — the hairs are much finer and thinner.”

Von Freudenberg puts clients on a growth plan, which starts with putting down tweezers for three to five months. To aid growth, Von Freudenberg suggests using a daily gentle scrub in the brow area to exfoliate dead skin cells, which can prevent hair growth.

She also suggests using a daily serum, such as GrandeBrow ($79.95, Grande Cosmetics) or Von Freudenberg’s own Brow Serum ($28, Elke Von Freudenberg), which may speed up the process by stimulating growth and nourishing existing hairs. While she adds that finding one that works can take trial and error, look for products with DMAE, a compound that may spur the growth process.