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Some Of My Favorite Things

My latest"Favorite Things."Just beautiful things that just get me! One thing I've been doing more and more is enjoying a cool bath. Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with a hot bath. I'm the one usually drinking hot coffee when it's over 90 degrees out. But a cool/cold bath just puts a fresh start to everything. Especially after a long day. Pair that with a few candles, a glass of wine and I"m all set. “The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.”  There's nothing like a cool crisp white or cream outfit to try to forget about...Read More
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YouTube, Earth Day And A Must-Have Brow Fixx

Have you seen? Here's some of the latest updates going on around here:New YouTube Channel | New Videos ! Check out my new YouTube channel.Right now there are videos for a Bold Brow Design and Men's Brow Grooming, but don't worry, there are a ton more.. stay tuned for more!New Retail LocationsVisit our location page for the latest elke® retailers. More added weekly!A Must Have Eye ProductWe're a must have eye product!Thank you to Leslie fromPop Goes The CityBrow Fixx in clear can be used to tame brows and lashes.The small brush and flake-free formula makes it easy to seal a brow...Read More
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Explore the Ultimate Wish List – Find Inspiration for Your Personal Holiday Shopping

One of my favorite things to do is not only do holiday shopping but also, set aside a little extra money and go christmas shopping just for myself. Here's my wish list this year. MY WISH LISTDanielle Laporte CandlesI'm so in love with these candles that I actually bought 1 of all of them... Beautifully made, gorgeous scents, and the packaging? I kept it to put little odds and ends, rings, keys etc... and the writing on the packaging.  So beautiful. Available in Votive and 7 oz.Open SkyIf you are a fan of deals and flash sales, look no further. Open...Read More
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Explore the Beauty of My Favorite Things | Favorite Things Blog

My latest "Favorite Things." Things that just grab my attention. :) One thing I love more than anything is looking at beautiful images. It can be of anything. Faces, fabric, detailed shots of designer clothing, colors... there's something about detail that just gets to me. I'll attribute that to my Mom being a photographer. I think I got her eye for details. I sometimes think I see such intense detail more than anyone else. It does something to my heart seeing the depth, tone and texture of something."It's that moment, when you realize, life is all about the details, right?"Beautiful Fashion...Read More
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Discover My Favorite Things – A Glimpse Into My Top Picks

Just some of my favorite things:This Quote2. A Holographic BrowNothing like a holographic brow for depth, color and style.3. Halloween Makeup Idea?Thinking ahead.... nothing like a Halloween look that's all in the makeup.4.  Remember When?A blast from the past.. the super thin drawn on brow. Hollywood glamour..5. DetailedThere's something in detailed design that just gets me... Gorgeous.
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Discover the Pleasure of My Favorite Beautiful Things

Just some of my favorite beautiful things:This SayingI've actually got this saying on my cell phone screen. Puts a smile on my face every time.2. Jean Paul GaultierSomething about textures and colors that just get to me. Love this dress and the attention to detail. If you want to see other things that inspire me, check out my Pinterest Board on just that....3. Brow GoalsI have them. These are mine. Working on it. If I fill them in, they'll look like this.. kinda sorta. The goal is to get them to look like this on their own.4.  Current Lipstick FavNymphette MAC. Doesn't...Read More
Winter Beauty Tips & Tricks: Cat Eye - Master the Chic Trend 2

Winter Beauty Tips & Tricks: Cat Eye – Master the Chic Trend

One of the most fun trends for this winter from the NY Fashion Week Shows for F/W 2013 has got to be the cat eye. This year, it went all out. From refined, to the thickest eyeliner we've ever seen, this trend can be elegant or edgy. Either way, it makes your makeup transition from day to night super easy. See how you can replicate this winter beauty tips & tricks : CAT EYE. elke Winter Trend: Dark-lined Cat Eyes How To: 1. Got a long night ahead of you? You have to think waterproof. It's the only way to...Read More
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Discover Super Cool Hair Removal Facts That Even We Didn’t Know

Check out these super cool hair removal facts that even I didn't know! elke No, we're not going to take the credit for knowing all these hair facts. We're crediting our beauty bible, (aka Allure Magazine) for passing on these super cool hair removal facts even we didn't know. Read on.....30,000 B.C.: Cave paintings and such show shaving dating back to this era with the finds of shells, shark teeth and volcanic glass as 'shaving' tools.800-1200: Japanese women began removing their eyebrows.1869: A battery-powered needle was used to remove ingrown (ouch!) eyelashes. Could this be the first electrolysis device?19th Century: Women...Read More