Elke’s Bridal Brow Tips

elke™ bridal brows

Elke offers these top brow tips to get bridal gorgeous for the wedding photos:


1. Avoid looking too trendy in your wedding photos.

2. Avoid very thin, too sharply arched, or a rounded shaped brows. This can look very dated in the wedding photos, much like a too trendy hairstyle.

3. Keep the brow shape classic, and as close to your natural growth pattern as possible to create a classic, yet elegant look on your wedding day. Avoid going too extreme in brow trends on the big day. Think classic, elegant. 

4. For brunettes, avoid going to dark on your brow color. When wearing white, and if you have your hair pulled back, your brows will be the darkest thing you’ll see in the photos. If done too dark it will look overwhelming and over powering in the photos. 

5. To make sure your brows and your makeup is looking picture perfect, before you put on your dress on your big day, take a quick cell snapshot of your makeup. Is your wedding outside? Take a photo by the window. Inside? Take a photo inside but angle your face up a bit to a light for a more even light. How does your makeup read? Too bright? Dark? Heavy? Now is the time to fine tune it. Show your makeup artist what you would like. Also, wearing white while getting your makeup on helps too (a white tee shirt, bathrobe, cover etc) so you can see how the light reflecting can change your makeup look. 

6. Blend, blend blend. Make sure your brow makeup, blush and eyeshadow are well blended. This keeps the look fresh and puts the focus on the eyes. Badly blended makeup can ruin a shot, no matter how good the photographer is.

7. Makeup tip: outside wedding? Makeup wise what you see is what you get. If it looks good in the mirror outside, that’s exactly how it will look on camera. No fancy, heavy, thick contoured “photography” makeup is needed, and if you do, it will look very fake and heavy on camera. Inside? Take a quick cell photo of your makeup is pretty close to how it will look in the photos. Think light contour, highlight etc to keep the look fresh, not overdone.

8. Getting your brows done? Have a bridal shape and brow makeup trial. It’s not just for the makeup artist. Have your esthetician or brow specialist do your brows and apply light brow makeup and take a quick snapshot. If any changes need to be made, now you can do it. Brows looking too heavy or thick? Arch not strong enough? Do all the fine tuning on the brows at least 1 appointment before the big day.


Get those brows in perfect shape before the big day. If you are growing in your brows, give at least 3 months to schedule monthly appointments to get your brows growing in and shaped. 


 That depends on the type of hair you have. Elke shares that thicker hair responds better to waxing, while thinner, lighter hair likes tweezing because you can keep most of it’s shape without worrying about hairs not growing back. She recommends waxing for the bride at least a week before the wedding date, and then a light tweezing, 1-2 days before the wedding day for picture perfect brows.