Get The Perfect Brow

Want to get some cool tricks on how to get the perfect brow? Aly from wanted to know too.  Find out as she asks me to share some of my brow tips……

“I spoke to her this weekend and asked if she could share some tips with us on achieving the perfect brow, and she had some great ones!……..”

1. When tweezing brows, hold the tip or slant of the tweezer against the skin the whole time as you tweeze going in the direction of hair growth. By keeping the tweezer against the skin, you keep away the ouch factor.

2. Avoid applying brow makeup first and going by that to tweeze and design a shape for you brows. You may be tweezing hairs that you actually need to keep the shape you want.

3. Keep that highlighter brow or shadow handy. It keeps those little hairs that you haven’t yet tweezed hidden by bouncing light away from the skin.

4. Your brows should start between the bridge of your nose and your tear duct. Check to see how much space you have between your brows and it’s better to keep the space smaller than larger. Too large a space between your brows actually makes your nose look bigger.

5. Keep the arch of your brow right above the outside edge of the iris of your eye. Any further out and your eyes can look cross eyed, specially in photos.

Get The Perfect Brow 1

6. Grooming above the brows is fine, as long as you’re grooming hairs that are on the forehead. Any hair that is in the brow itself can distort and remove the arch of the brow.

7. Keep tweezing and waxing hairs at the ends of the brows at a minimum. Hairs here are the first to stop growing and the hardest to grow back in.

8. Avoid applying any heavy or oily products to your brows after you’ve waxed or tweezed. You’ll prevent those tiny red bumps or breakouts from happening that way.

9. To keep away the ouch. hold the skin down on the area you’re tweezing. it’s the skin moving that hurts, not the hair.