Achieve Brow Goals at Home – Tips for Growing Your Eyebrows


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With being quarantined at home, plucking your brows all off is not something that is going to happen. Why? Stepping away and getting your brows to grow in should be the goal! And it's the perfect time to do this. It's the perfect time to get your brow goals at home.

1. Let Them Grow

  • Why?

NO ONE is going to notice.

  • No one will see what your brows are doing, other than you and that’s perfect! It’s hands off time!

You’ve got the time.

  • Now there’s no every 2 weeks threading or waxing appointment to get in your way.

Getting your best brow is usually based on what you KEEP, now what you’ve removed. When working on clients, my secret is to look at the brow and determine which hairs I’m can I KEEP, and how little do I actually need to remove.

Achieve Brow Goals at Home - Tips for Growing Your Eyebrows 11

So how long to let them grow? I'd say about 4-6 weeks.
Just let them be. That means DO NOTHING.

No light clean up.
No trimming.
No do it yourself waxing.

2. Keep Them Healthy

If you have a brow serum or brow oil, use it. Think of it as a spa treatment for your brows. And really use it. Double up. I tell my clients to use our Brow Serum twice a day, morning and night. Why? You see more results, quicker. Usually in 3 weeks. Don’t have my serum? Try Castor Oil, though I’ve noticed from client feedback that it can be hit or miss. I have some clients that swear by Castor Oil and others that have seen no results.


Exfoliate and get your brows stimulated to grow faster. This also removes any dead skin under your brows which helps brow hairs grow in much easier. Also the stimulation gets blood flow going and gets hairs growing much faster. Think of it as a workout for your brows

3. It’s time to tweak.

Okay, so you’ve been growing awhile and now they’re in need of a little care. It’s fine to do a little light clean up. It helps to make brows look a little neater, cleaner. It’s when you go too far that that’s when overdoing it happens and the dreaded “I took too much off” comes in.

Not sure if you need to tweak your brows just yet? Do a little test. Take your Brow Gel (clear or colored) or Brow Wax and apply through your brows. Why? Brow grooming products makes the brow look more groomed, in place and defined. So, how do they look? If they look good, you can go a few more weeks before you need to do anything to them!

4. Get the shape right

Okay, it’s finally time. They need a little clean up. Now what? If you get your brows done regularly (waxing, threading or tweezing…) your brow shape is already done. All you’re doing right now is a super light clean up, not a major brow overhaul. 

Don’t worry. We’ll keep this easy. 

  • Don’t worry about mapping or designing or analyzing your brows at this point. It’s not needed. You want to keep it simple. 
  • Do you have a concealer pencil, or concealer
  • Also needed: tweezers. Slanted preferably (they’re the easiest…) I would avoid waxing right now especially if you’re wanting to keep as much growth as possible.

Get Started

  1. Apply a warm compress or washcloth to your brows to soften the skin, or ideally do after a steamy bath or shower. 
  2. Apply a gentle toner around the brows to clean and sanitize the area. Witch hazel is ideal. Avoid any toner that has too much alcohol in it. If you can smell it, it has too much and is way to harsh for around the eyes. 
  3. Use a magnifying mirror with great bathroom or sunlight to work with. 
Achieve Brow Goals at Home - Tips for Growing Your Eyebrows 13


  1. Take your concealer and apply it around your brow so that is conceals about 1/2 rows around the brow. Not the actual brow, but AROUND the brow
  2. You should see about 2 rows around the brow covered in concealer. Everything below that covered row is hairs that can technically be taken off. How does it look? And yes, you’re keeping those 2 rows to 1. keep mistakes from happening and 2. accidentally removing too much.
Achieve Brow Goals at Home - Tips for Growing Your Eyebrows 15


  1. Take 1 hand and tighten the skin with 2 fingers around the area you want to tweeze. Holding  the skin tight helps make tweezing virtually painless. It’s the moving of the skin that hurts, not the hair being pulled out. Keep the skin tight and in place and it will be much easier.
  2. Grab just 1 hair at a time and slowly tweezer going from the bottom of the brow upward towards the brow shape.
  3. As you pull, keep the tweezer on the skin as you pull going in the direction that the hair is growing.
  4. Do not pull the hair up. That’s what will make that ‘pinch’ happen. And go slow. You do not need to pull quick. Slow is so much easier.
  5. Once you get to the concealed part of the brow, only pull hairs that are NOT covered in concealer. Leave the hairs that you’ve covered alone. 
  6. How does it look? Now you can remove the concealer with a makeup remover. Take a look. It should look cleaner and a touch neater. That’s all you need!
tweezing brows

5. How about a little trim?

Just a little. If the shape is looking good, then take a spoolie brush and brush your brush up. With cuticle scissors, only trim the longest ones that are sticking out. Trick is to not cut them all the way down to the brow. Just trim a touch off the tops. That’s it. And trim just 1 hair at a time. That’s all you need. So remember, just the longest and just a touch.



Achieve Brow Goals at Home - Tips for Growing Your Eyebrows 17

Your brows will stay tidy and groomed for a few more weeks now. You did it!


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