How To Get Thicker Looking Brows

Here’s my Step by Step Guide, to creating the illusion of thicker brows, as you grow yours in. With the thicker brow fast being the brow staple, I get asked all the time how to make brows look thicker. Here, get my editorial makeup tricks to creating the illusion of thicker, fuller brows in the meantime, while growing them in.

Step by step… these steps are done in order, so just do one at a time. Goal: make brows appear thicker.. think of it as an optical illusion. Not quite there yet? Go to the next step. And so on…

Hint: Do your brows before any other colored brow makeup. If it looks natural and like a real brow, you got it. Looking a bit fake? Yes, you’ve gone too far… Omit that last step.

1. Before: Analyze the Brows you Have. First of, analyze the brows that you have, and determine how thick do you want them to ultimately grow to.

A good goal is to grow them in 2/3 rows thicker. That’s it. You really don’t need them thicker than that. Easier? Focus on growing them in along the tops of the brows too, not just the bottoms. Why? You’ll get there faster.

Next, shape and tweeze all excess hairs that are not anywhere near the brow shape, both between and underneath the brow. Keep the hairs that are the closest to the brow, (hint: 1/2 rows beyond the brow), and let those grow in. As they grow in, keep tweezing all the excess hairs, while keeping those hairs closest to the actual brow.


Thin Brows

2. Brow Shadow:

Next with the flat edge of the MULTI TASK BRUSH, apply your brow shadow that is 1 to 2 shades lighter than your hair color. The goal is to create thicker, fuller brows, not darker ones.

Step 3 : FILL IN
….along the tops of brows as well.
Shown: DAY BROW SHADOWS inelke : day brow shadows

  • Blonde
  • Auburn (red)
  • Ash Brown (lgt-med brown)
  • Dark Brunette (dark brown-black)


3. Eyebrow Pencil: 

Filling in with Brow Pencil Most people apply brow pencil first, but I find that you’ll have a much easier time applying your brow pencil after your brow shadow. Why? You can tell where you’re needing it most, and you get a much softer look.

elke : brow pencil

With short strokes, and key, a sharpened eyebrow pencil, lightly trace in the brow and fill in areas that are still light and need only filling in. 

4. Brush Brows:

Brushing through Brow Shadow & Brow Pencil….. Then, with your eyebrow comb on the cap of your EYEBROW PENCIL, or a SPOOLIE BRUSH gently comb through your shadow and pencil, keeping the brush within the brow as you brush. Brush through to blend, and soften until you get the color and look you like.

Elke’s Tip: The more you brush the softer the brow color and look will be.

5. Make Brows:

Look Thicker, Longer

I know. You think you’re done right? Well, not quite. You’ve filled them in, make sparse hairs look fuller. But you’re missing a step. Want to make brows look thicker? You have to make brow hairs look longer and thicker as well.  How? With a colored brow gel and brow thickener. First of its kind, my Brow + Eyelash Thickener & Primer is designed in mascara form to create a fuller, thicker appearance in just one sweep of the brush.

Trick: Apply first. Goes on white so let it dry first. It’ll go clear when it’s dry. Then apply your colored Brow Gel after. Viola. Thicker, longer looking brows.

TIPS : For The Finished Look

    • Don’t overdraw, or try to make a very thin eyebrow, look 6 rows thicker. It will look harsh and unnatural.
    • The goal is to make your brows look naturally slightly thicker, and filled in.
    • Don’t need all these steps? Just do the steps that make your brows look the most natural, while giving the illusion of thicker brows.