Achieving Your Brow Resolution: Tips for Thicker, Fuller Brows


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So how’s YOUR brow resolution going?

Is it getting thicker, fuller brows? A better shape?

Thicker brows are still the trend, but if you look closely, it’s with a new twist. 


Gone are the Instagram brows that are drawn on sharp, outlined in concealer and takes about 10 different brow products to get. Too much work if you tell me. And also, a brow that is so drawn on? It usually only looks good in photos. But not so much in real life.

What’s the next brow trend? You’ll see a brow with much longer hairs, with brows no longer being trimmed and cut. And the line of the brow? Much more natural looking and not so harsh. Think back to the 1980’s when Brooke Shields ruled the brows. Think a bit messier and not so clean. Sharp stenciled brows? Yep. It’s official. That look is officially outdated and out of style.


Achieving Your Brow Resolution: Tips for Thicker, Fuller Brows 3



Brow Resolution


Do’s and Don’ts

Have you’ve tweezed, waxed, threaded those brows forever? Now it’s time to take a little vacation.  I know it’s hard but it’s a must do. We do the same when we grow out our hair. That stage where it’s in between, and just doesn’t look that great? Same with brows. You have to give it a chance and just let it grow.  How long does it take? Consider 1-3 months depending on fast your brows grow. But trust me. It’s worth it. You’ll get to that point when all of sudden, your brows look amazing. Trust me. I’ve seen it on clients time and time again. It takes patience, but it’s so worth it.

Avoid the magnifying mirror

Step away from the magnification mirror. Seriously. Quit obsessing over that one hair. No one else sees your brows like that, not even you when you leave the bathroom. No one analyzes your face like you do (well, maybe me, but that’s my job) so quit thinking everyone else is seeing what you see. Are you getting friends saying “you really should be doing something about that”, well congratulations. Now it’s time to get them cleaned and shaped by a pro. Why? A pro knows which hairs to keep and which ones to take away. Crucial when you’re in the growing out stage.

Remember, brows look different from a distance, and that’s how everyone is seeing them. Just look at them in a regular mirror and be happy your brows are changing.

Let brow shadow guide you.

Want thicker brows? Let your brow pencil help you get there. Just draw on your fav brow pencil in the shape and thickness you WANT your brows to be. Not how they are now, but in the shape you’re going for. Then tweeze the hairs that are around that. Instant brow clean up while still keeping the rest of your growing in brows intact. Wipe off the shadow and take a look. You’ll see a slightly more groomed version of your messier brow. That’s what you want. Remember, you’re not going for a sharp straight brow. You’re going for a messier, more natural look.

Are you there yet? If so, congrats! No? Know that the hard part is over and now you’re fine tuning. You may only need a few more hairs to get the look you want. You’re almost there. Give it another month and do the brow shadow guide again. I’ve seen great brows appear in 3 months.  You can do it!

Duo Brow Pencil

elke® Duo Brow Pencil


The Random Rouge Long Hair

elke™ Spoolie Brush

Ok, you’ve been growing and growing and your brows are looking thicker and longer. Great! Wait. Longer. Oops! Don’t get me wrong. Length is great for this new brow trend, but too long? That’s when it will start to look messy.


JUST trim that extra super long 1 or 2 hairs that you see. That’s it. Avoid the cutting all along the brow from beginning to end. That’s the quickest way to make your hard earned growth session disappear and almost every waxing and threading place does this. It’s also the quickest way to get your brows looking choppy, short and stubby. So not the look we’re going for here.

How to:

Forget brushing your brows up to trim. Your brows do not grow that way, so you’ll end up trimming them all wrong. Your brows grow up, sideways, and down. Instead, brush them in the direction that they grow with a mascara spoolie brush. Then one hair at a time (I know, one hair, but you’ll thank me for it later) only slightly trim the super long ones to match the rest. That’s it. Remember. One hair at a time.


Do A Brow Tint

Brow Fixx Tint and Groom


Can’t wait to get there? Try a professional Brow Tint. Trick is to only tint the new growth to blend into the old. Don’t have the entire brow tinted. You’ll just end up with a darker version of the same brow, with mistakes, holes and all. To add some depth to your arches, take your light, sparse areas one to two shades deeper than your hair tone. Not ready for a tint? Swipe on a colored Brow Mascara in a shade darker then your brows. Swipe through. Let dry. Then brush off the skin with your spoolie brush for a natural ‘my brows really look like this’ effect. You can even spot apply it.

Trick? Take your angle or slant brow brush and pick up some of your brow mascara. Then paint onto the hairs only where it’s needed. Let dry. Brush through. Viola. Amazing brows. 

So get growing. You can do it. I know you can! And if in doubt? Get yourself to a pro and someone who does brows all day long. They’ve (cough, I), have seen everything, every brow shape, mishap and problem with solutions to getting your perfect brow shape. Don’t worry. It will happen. elke


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