PRO Artist

Qualifications & Application

Membership is available to the professional & student

  • Makeup Artist
  • Aesthetician
  • Cosmetologist
  • Hairstylist
  • Model
  • USA/CANADA only.
  • Link to professional/agency/school website is required upon registration.

Pro Requirements

1.Completed Application
2.Professional/Agency Website  3.Professional/Student Artist Criteria Valid within 2 years)

Select 1 from below to upload in Application.

  • Composite Card
  • Business card with name and specific Makeup Artist profession
  • Editorial page with name credit
  • Union card
  • Professional valid license
  • Crew Call list on production company letterhead
  • Reference letter from employer
  • Reference letter from beauty/makeup/cosmetology school
Upon approval of your application, your e-mail address will be linked to your discount and you may immediately begin purchasing products at upon approval after receiving your e-mail confirmation. 

PRO Artist Benefits

  • 30% off all products

Automatic Discount. No code needed.

  • Free offers

Special offers, free products and special member only contests.

  • Pro products

The latest in Pro Only products for the makeup artist & student. All pro products are available to members only.

PRO Member News

  • Trend report

The latest in brow trends in shape, makeup and application.

  • Tutorial

Get Elke’s step by step on how to create the latest looks in brows and makeup.

  • 1st Notice

Advance notice on all pre-releases and new product announcements.

  • Pro Favorites

Get Elke’s and top Pro Members latest tips, tricks and favorite product applications.