The Holiday Makeup Collection

Introducing Our Newest Limited Edition Holiday Makeup Collection!

THE HOLIDAY MAKEUP COLLECTION | HOLIDAY 2023 LIMITED EDITIONAVAILABLE SEPARATELY OR AS A GIFT SETelkebrowcollection.comLAUNCHING NOV 16th ‘23   I'm thrilled to be announcing our newest limited release makeup collection just in time for the holidays! I had so much fun putting this together, with a few favorites along with a few brand new items never before seen.Our first item is our super popular Brow Fixx Mascara in clear. Just a swipe and you've got glossy full brows in place, without any ashy tones or flaking. You can easily build up without worries of the look being too crunchy, which makes it a makeup...Read More
Product Spotlight: BROW SCRUB 1

Product Spotlight: BROW SCRUB

My all natural vegan Brow Scrub offers a unique, natural way to help aid in brow growth in as little as two weeks. And no, your facial scrub isn’t strong enough to do it.I came across this trick when I'm doing a client's brows, I'll sometimes notice flaky or dead skin in the eyebrow as I'm working. I started to use a scrub to help eliminate that and then clients started noticing more growth in the brow. About a year later, after putting together the perfect formula had to be all natural and with no growth hormones, and then doing...Read More
Wonderbrow Colored Brow Wax

Summer Brows With Wonderbrow

Are you trying to get your best summer brows? To me, the perfect summer brow is great color, water resistant and great hold. Everything you need for the warm summer months.Have you tried Wonderbrow Colored Brow Wax? It's a colored brow wax that colors skin, hairs, holds in place and is water proof.  It colors, defines, and enhances brows like no other. You can customize your look by applying to the brow hairs, to skin or both. I like applying to hairs first, and then spot applying to the skin just where needed with the duo brow brush. Use the slant side...Read More
Duo Brow Pencil

New & Improved. Our Duo Brow Pencil!

Introducing our newest Duo Brow Pencil!DUO BROW PENCIL REPLACESBROW BLENDER PENCILGOOD TO KNOWOur newest Duo Brow Pencil offers a smooth powdery feel, infused with a trio of waxes for a smooth application.The spoolie brush also grooms the brows as well as blending color to create a natural look.New & Improved! You'll find longer lasting wear and more neutral shades to match your brow color. COMES IN COLORSBLONDEMEDIUM BROWNDARK BROWNELKE'S TIPSI recommend applying your brow pencil in the same direction as the actual brow growth in quick short strokes. Apply only to where it is needed first. The old fashioned apply everything...Read More
Retractable Brow Pencil

Our newest! | Retractable Brow Pencil

INTRODUCING OUR NEWEST BROW PENCIL RETRACTABLE BROW PENCIL Our previous Precision Brow Pencil has been updated and improved! Now called Retractable Brow Pencil, with added benefits and more colors to choose from. You can still create perfect hair-like strokes to create a full and defined brow. Plus no sharpener is required; just one twist of the pencil and the tip will always be sharp. The included spoolie is the right firmness to blend color as well as brush hairs into place.  NOW AVAILABLE IN MORE COLORSSIX colors to match any brow color that focus on different skin tones that cater...Read More
Achieve Brow Goals at Home - Tips for Growing Your Eyebrows 2

Achieve Brow Goals at Home – Tips for Growing Your Eyebrows

With being quarantined at home, plucking your brows all off is not something that is going to happen. Why? Stepping away and getting your brows to grow in should be the goal! And it's the perfect time to do this. It's the perfect time to get your brow goals at home. 1. Let Them Grow Why? NO ONE is going to notice. No one will see what your brows are doing, other than you and that's perfect! It's hands off time! You've got the time. Now there's no every 2 weeks threading or waxing appointment to get in your way....Read More
Discover Your Perfect Brow: Natural, Feathery, or Straight 3

Discover Your Perfect Brow: Natural, Feathery, or Straight

If you're looking for a new "look", don't think you have to get a complete hair makeover. Try instead a new look for your brows.  Here's how to find the right brow for you. THE NATURAL BROW The natural look is actually THE brow trend at the moment, and also the easiest one to keep and maintain.Think slightly overgrown, slightly messy and very natural looking. It's Brooke Shields Brow 2.0. This look actually looks better as it grows in. How to get?Brush your brows up and out to see their natural shape. Are the brow hairs crazy long? Trim them...Read More
Wonderbrow™Colored Brow Wax

Get Thicker Brows With Only 1 Brow Essential – Wonderbrow Brow

Have sparse brows?  I see them all the time, from over plucking, a bad wax or threading job, or just brow growth that has slowed down with age (yes, sigh. It does happen..) No fear. Get thicker brows, with just 1 brow makeup product.  The key is, which one? Yes, it can be a little overwhelming, as to what to buy? What works? What's best for MY brows? Don't worry. Ideally you only need 1 brow product. At the most 2. That's it. Keep it simple. Keep it easy and you'll do it. So let's break it down and figure out...Read More
Wonderbrow Colored Brow Wax

Mastering the Art of Finding Your Right Brow Color – Expert Tips

Ever get stumped on finding your right brow color? Here's my quick expert advice on how to finding the perfect brow color for YOUR brows. Ever get stumped when applying brow color because for some reason it just does not look right? There's only 3 reasons why a brow color just does not work. 1. The color is just way too dark. If your color looks too dark when applied, always take a spoolie or mascara wand and blend through to soften the color. If you find yourself blending, blending, blending and it still doesn't look right, the color is probably...Read More
Brow Scrub

Boost Your Brows with the Best Brow Product for Thicker Looking Brows

Tired of waiting for your brows to grow in? You can make it easier. Really. It's all about using the right brow product for thicker looking brows. And luckily, now there's more to choose from than just a brow pencil. So there's no excuse. GROWTH: GET IT STARTEDTo get brow growth, you need to get pro-active. How? Start using a brow serum. Brow serums get brow hairs growing faster, which equals faster results. So don't wait. ELKE'S TIPS: Apply your brow serum day and night, for extra fast results. And yes, you can apply underneath your brow makeup. Our brow serum takes 3...Read More