Brow Scrub

Boost Your Brows with the Best Brow Product for Thicker Looking Brows

Tired of waiting for your brows to grow in? You can make it easier. Really. It's all about using the right brow product for thicker looking brows. And luckily, now there's more to choose from than just a brow pencil. So there's no excuse. GROWTH: GET IT STARTEDTo get brow growth, you need to get pro-active. How? Start using a brow serum. Brow serums get brow hairs growing faster, which equals faster results. So don't wait. ELKE'S TIPS: Apply your brow serum day and night, for extra fast results. And yes, you can apply underneath your brow makeup. Our brow serum takes 3...Read More
Signature Brow Collection

My Top Five Product Favs – Brow Scrub, Highlighter Duo, Brush, Tamer Pomade & Creme Serum

I always get asked what my top five product favs are that I have. While it's hard to narrow it down to just 5, I picked the ones that truly mean the most to me. Read on to see why!   1. My Brow Scrub The first of its kind, this truly has a special place in my heart. Not because I've seen great results from clients that have used it, but because it was truly a product that I realized I had a secret figured out. How to get brows to grow fast, with a super cool concept. Brows...Read More
Brow Growth Set

Master Brow Damage Control with Effective Brow Growth Products

Whether it's from a bad threading or waxing, everyone is trying to get their eyebrows to grow back. So what to do? It's time for Brow Damage Control. How? By finding the right brow growth product for you. In all my years of doing brows, I've noticed few things. THICKER DARKER BROWS have an easier time growing back. Why? Their brows are usually the strongest. Just ask the girls from India. Their hair is so strong that wigs are made from their hair. And their eyebrows? You could wax them everyday and they won't fade away. Why? They have a...Read More
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Master Brow Grooming with Brow Gel and Wax – For Perfectly Defined Brows

Much like how you would use products in your hair to control, define and style, brow grooming products helps keep your brows in place.  Brows look defined, even and balanced with the right brow grooming product. No more strays or unruly brows here.THE BASICSthe thicker and coarser the brow hair is, the more it will need a stronger gel or wax to holdthe thinner the brow hair, a lighter weight product to keep in place without weighing them down.Two products that HELP make your brows look better are?1. BROW GELBrow Gel is meant for eyebrow hairs that are on the...Read More
Mini Duo Brow Brush

Discover My Preferred Brow Brush for an Effortless Travel Beauty Routine

Faux Squirrel Mini Brow Brush This is my favorite brow brush for travel, toss into your cosmetic bag before you leave brush. And at only 3" long! Just toss in your purse and go. It’s way too cute to keep at home. Use the flat liner brush to apply brow shadow and gel eye liner and the fluff side to apply your brow and eyeshadow highlights. 100% Synthetic Faux Squirrel Hair Cruelty free and vegan approved, our faux squirrel mini brow brush is a top seller. HOW TO USE Use the slant brush to apply brow shadow as eyeliner. Use...Read More
Making that too dark brow makeup work for you.

Making That Too Dark Brow Product Work | Brow Makeup Tips

Are you a victim of making your brows look too dark? Or using a too dark brow makeup? If a more natural brow look and feel is more your style, here's how to get that natural look and feel for your brows.  So how do you know if your brow makeup is looking too dark? And if so, how can you make that brow product work for you? TRICK #1: Do your brow makeup first before any other colored face makeup like eye shadow, blush or lipstick. How does it look? If it looks too dark now, it will look...Read More